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Key messages

  • “Leave no one behind!”
  • Person with disabilities voices matter! Listen and engage.
  • Elevate persons with disabilities with decent jobs not donations.
  • Barrier-free and safe environments for everyone! Persons with disabilities included.
  • If it’s not disability inclusive, it’s not inclusion. (No inclusion without disability inclusion.)
  • Disability rights are human rights.
  • Disability is not an issue! Stand against disability discrimination.
  • Moving towards 100% disability-friendly and accessible public transport.
  • Whether your disability is visible or invisible, seek support!
  • Empowering persons with disabilities empowers South Africa to achieve more.
  • Empowerment of persons with disabilities in resourced and sustainable environments is a right.
  • Make communication with me accessible.
  • Prioritise me - my health is just as important.
  • Include me when making decisions on my behalf.
  • Make empowerment opportunities inclusive of me.
  • Capacitate me so I can be an active contributor to the economy.
  • Don’t be ignorant, no one is immune to acquiring a disability
  • My disability does not stop me from doing what I want or what I want to achieve.
  • My disability does not define my ambitions, identity or motivations.
  • Know me for me and my ability, not my disability
  • Your attitude towards me is my biggest disability

An empowered disability sector can contribute to a better South Africa.